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Zlatibor is a mountain and a nature park in the western part of  Serbia that extends over an area of about 1,000 km2. The average altitude is about 1000 m, and the highest peak is Tornik (1,496 m).
The main city of the region is Užice, located at the foothills of the mountain, and most of the area belongs to the municipality of ČajetinaTown of Zlatibor emerged from a group of vacation homes into a full-fledged urban location.
Zlatibor is located halfway from Belgrade to the Montenegrin and Dubrovnik coast, crossed by many important main roads and railroads, including the Belgrade-Bar line.
Zlatibor is an important tourist area of Serbia, with resources for health tourism, skiing and hiking. 

Appropriate soil constitution, excellent  climate conditions and richness of plant cover enabled plenty of waters on Zlatibor. It is famous for its drinking waters, some of which are the best in Serbia. Zlatibor has a lot of mineral resources. Water from Zlatibor mineral springs is healing for eye and skin diseases, and it can also be drunk, although it should not be in large quantities.

Zlatibor is a climatic resort, characterized by a cool alpine climate, clean air, long periods of sunshine during the summer and a heavy snow cover in winter. Summers are pleasantly warm with cool nights and winters are quite long and relatively strong with lots of precipitation. March is the driest month of the year and most abundant rainfall is in May and October. Snow is falling from October till May with shorter or sometimes longer breaks and it covers the ground approximately a hundred days. The winds that intercross above the mountain in the so called ‘wind rose’ together with products of conifereus aciculas have a salutary effect onto human organism. What is especially significant and what sets Zlatibor apart other mountain centers is exceptionnaly great number of sun-lit hours (insolation), on the average about 2000 hours per year.

Flora and Fauna
Altitude, large amounts of precipitation and a great number of sunny hours per year caused a very lush vegetation in Zlatibor. The most widespread ecosystems are pastures, which grow as many as 120 species of most diverse grasses, many of which have medicinal properties. Up to 600 m above sea level, there are deciduous species (beech, oak, birch, linden, ash), and above 600 m the conifers dominate (white and black pine, meats, spruce). The animal world is also diverse. In October 2017, the government placed a part of the mountain under protection as the Zlatibor Nature Park. There are 1,044 plant species in the park. There are 18 species of amphibians and reptiles, 154 bird species (42% of all species of birds recorded in Serbia) and 38 species of mammals (40%). Only in Zlatibor you can still see Griffon vulture and the Eastern imperial eagle, species on the brink of extinction, freely flying.

Tourist era on Zlatibor officially began in 1893, when the King of Serbia Aleksandar Obrenović decided to establish a health resort on an initiative from the local hosts. To his honor, a fountain was erected on the place where he had lunch; it was later accompanied by a small lake, titled Kraljeva Voda ("King's water"). And then, in 1905, another king of Serbia, Petar I Karađorđević, came to Zlatibor for health. After his stay, the first large buildings were built: hotel "Kraljeva voda" - today's congress center "Srbija" - villa "Čigota" and bakery.
The preserved natural environment, healthy food and clean water, the way of life in which traditional values are preserved, make Zlatibor villages authentic and attractive to guests. Hunting and fishing, horseback riding, hiking, reading of forest fruits, medicinal herbs and other recreational and entertainment activities in nature are also part of the tourist offer. Almost every village has a cultural and historical site that can be visited and so learn about the past.

About hotel

Резултат слика за beograd zlatibor

Hotel Zlatibor Mona is surrounded by beautiful pine trees, located in the very center of Zlatibor.
Zlatibor is a mountain tourist resort and spa, with the altitude of 700-1500 m, in southwestern Serbia, located 235 km away from Belgrade and the nearest airport.
The hotel interior is carefully selected and designed to present the guests with a complete mountain experience during all seasons through a combination of traditional and modern elements, wooden paneling and the finest fabrics in warm tones.
Hotel Zlatibor Mona offers 120 spacious and warm rooms and suites, equipped with all modern amenities necessary for a complete vacation and relaxation, including a bathroom, TV, cable TV with over 40 channels, safe, minibar, blow dryer, telephone, and free internet connection.
In addition to the accommodation facilities, the hotel offers numerous leisure, entertainment and meal options, such as the Perun Restaurant, Vila Restaurant, Lada Bar, Little Mona playroom for children, and Inspirium - a fully equipped wellness center, which is available to all guests during their stay.
More info: www.monazlatibor.com


Резултат слика за beograd zlatibor



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